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  • New project.

    Hi guys. I'm searching for LCD display for my double din PC. What You think about this one??
    It has LCD controller and Inverter. Should be easy to install in Double Din Case. I also need good touch screen add on for it.

    Another question is about amplifier. I found this online:
    Did anyone tried to use similar chip? I want to fit everything in Double Din Case. Don't want to use external amplifier if possible. Do You know anyone who can fabricate PCB for it??

    Any hardware suggestions appreciated.
    Newbie, Car-pc under construction.

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    In regards to the screen, it really depends on how expensive it is. Keep in mind that it is not touch screen so that would another hassle. I would recommend just buying a lilliput 7", it has the same resolution, built in TS, built in inverter and controller.

    I dont really have anything to say about the amp... sorry