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  • Land Rover Defender Carpc

    Hi there,

    I'm Sebbe. I live in Belgium and have been passionate about land rovers whole my live!
    I bought my first Defender about 6 years ago (the one in my avatar) It changed a lot over the years.

    It was a defender 90 300tdi (1998) X-treme at first.
    Second I bought a defender 90 Td5 Hardtop (2001) project.
    Then came a 90 Td5 Automatic (2000) Softtop This one is still in the driveway but is for sale.

    I did quiet a bit of offroading in those cars.

    But I got married and have 2 dogs the 90's became to small

    So I bought a defender 130 TD5 wich I'm converting for the moment into an automatic gearbox aswell. This one will become an overlander. Wich will do his share of travelling all around the world. And for those long trips i'm installing a carpc. And some 'luxery' accessoires. I hope to keep a detailed conversion story online.



    (more pictures to come)