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Very Newbie, simple audio question

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  • Very Newbie, simple audio question

    I love all the expertise I have found on this forum already and am already thinking about a carputer but have a very simple question to ask that I haven't been able to answer through search.

    I have a classic car that came with no radio and I want to add a decent stereo without cutting the dash. I've decided I can use 5.25" speakers, a power amp and an MP3 player to do this. So here are my questions:

    * Will a quality MP3 player deliver appropriate adjustable levels or do I need a preamp or unit with line level?
    * Can I expect that a quality MP3 player EQ will deliver a sound curve that is good in this car?

    I do understand loads and wiring. Any suggestion on players, amps and speakers is appreciated. Please do not flame me for being new to the topic.


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    most of the time out PC audio out is sufficient for a power amp.
    If it doesn't you can always turn up the gain, or add preamp.
    mp3 player eq does offer decent sound curve, but the original mp3 file's quality and your sound setup is what determines how good your sound is.


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      Thanks for your reply. Any other comments also appreciated.


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        well there are several routes besides a mp3 you can go here depending on the car you could fabricate a small console that would fit over the "tunnel" where you couls place the cd player and a few speakers that way nothing gets cut

        you could also get wats called secret audio

        last but not least you could use mini rca to regular rca adapter to run to a 4 channel amp to the speakers . i dont know if it will work with a mp3 player but i have done it wit a cd player so i dont see why it wouldnt