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It's installed. Now the fun starts with mods.

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  • It's installed. Now the fun starts with mods.

    G'day. No real questions at this stage. Just thought I should introduce myself. I have now managed to install a car pc in my 07 Mitsubishi Triton and it seems to work well so far. I have had some experience building pc's but that was in the distant past (MS-Dos days). My knowledge of programming is limited to say the least. My system is probably fairly basic in what it does at the moment but I am looking to expand it's capabilities. I am using RR as the frontend and currently use it for music, video, GPS and general disk storage whilst on holidays. A reversing camera also runs through the screen. The main functions I would like it to do in addition to those mentioned above are radio (both AM/FM), OziExplorer (topographical mapping), OBD2 software and video output to two slave screens for the childerbeasts on long trips. Now I'd better get back to searching and reading to achieve these goals. No doubt there will be plenty of questions in the future.

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    mitsubishi triton, oziexplorer you sound like an oorstralian


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      You're on the money there mate. I've seen your name mentioned occassionally through the ozi thread. South Aussie to be a little more exact