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Does Pioneer DEH-P605 have AUX capability?

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  • Does Pioneer DEH-P605 have AUX capability?


    I saw an old post referring to how to set the P705 to AUX, and this matches what is stated in my combined P605/P705 manual.

    However, when I try with my P605... I get nothing!

    Being a (total) newbie, I have to ask if I need to have something plugged into the bus in order for AUX to work (I'm thinking not since I can't seem to shut the M-CD off as the manual said either).

    Does anyone know if the P605 has AUX capability, or am I just getting bloody fingertips pressing on that 7 button for nothing?

    Any help is most appreciated!

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    I should add that I contacted Pioneer support directly and they didn't even have the model in their current help system.

    They had to get "the book" and then gave me instructions (hold the function key down until a menu came up) for newer units.

    Would an alternative be to get a DEH-P705 faceplate? Or are things not that easy?


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      according to this thread, you have to "turn the ignition key" while holding the 7 button down.

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        Right... that was the thread I was referring to in my first post... sorry to have not been clear.

        So, I am wondering if the P605 even has AUX mode since I've tried the 7-push/ignition key shuffle repeatedly with no luck.