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  • Need Help w. Installation

    Hello All,

    I recently got myself the 'Stage 3 Nicely Equipped Car Computer Package Deal'. I'm not installing the computer myself rather i'm taking it to car audio place to get the whole thing done so I don't wreck the thing!!

    I'm from Australia and custom car computers in this country are few and far between and when I took everything to the installer he asked where the instructions for the thing are!!

    He told me to go find the information for the installation and he can begin from there. Which is hopefully where the pros on here come in!!

    I have already downloaded myself the VoomPC-2 Automotive PC Enclosure Installation Guide and even with this information is very limited.

    The information I would really appreciate is when the computer is installed what do I then do to have the computer connected to the stereo?? Eg get an amp and from there what do??

    Sorry for the noob question but it has been most frustrating as I got the computer in May and to this day still haven't gotten it installed.

    Even a link directing me to the information on this forum would be great

    Thanks Heaps!!

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    That's why this is a DIY hobby....
    Most car audio shops won't touch a PC because they have no idea about them...

    The answer to your question about connecting to the stereo is here:

    The short answer: It depends on how you want it connected to your stereo. Are you keeping a headunit? Do you have stock or aftermarket amplifier(s)? Are you looking for simple stereo or 4.1 rom the PC?

    Your situation is why I constantly recommend to new members:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question!!

      Again apologies for the noob question above.

      I will be having a head unit with an aux-in and I will also be buying an amplifier.

      I would be hoping to achive 4.1 from the PC, you wouldn't by any chance have a link that has some simple instructions on how to do this would you??

      Thank you again for taking your time to read this!!


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        Update: I am not all that fussed about keeping the head unit if in your opinion just using an amp setup is best.

        But some 4.1 information is greatly appreciated!!