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  • GPS Help please.....

    ok heres the deal. i have a double din dvd/mp3 player that I got off ebay... yes im a broke *** white boy! now it doesnt have built in GPS but has an icon for it... now is there any way to hook up an external gps system that I can connect to the AUX input of my touchscreen? its not VGA its a TFT... i want it to connect like you would connect a playstation to a TV.. Is that Possible? I have been searching and reading EVERYTHING and cant seem to find it so if someone can give me a tip on where to find something like that i would appreciate that....

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    You may need to try something like handheld GPS (Dell Axim X51v)that support external display that you can connect to your monitor. You will need VGA cable with RCA connection on one end. But this will still be to much trouble.
    I would suggest to hook a PC on your car and get a cheap GPS (USB) like BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver for about 50 bucks and you should be squared.


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      also you wont be able to control the gps from the screen. How will you enter addresses?! It wont work. Cheapness means lack of possibilities...
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        ok thanks! i guess ill give a few things a try... if anything ill just get a gps for my car instead of going through all the trouble....


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