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First Install.. Have I missed anything?

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  • First Install.. Have I missed anything?

    Hi all,

    I have been lurking for a while and have now finally assembled all the parts I need for my first CarPC.

    Specs are as follows

    PC: 1.8ghz laptop
    Power: Carnetix P2140 w/ P5V
    Screen: LinITX 7" Transflective Touchscreen
    USB: 4x Port Hub, Webcam, Radio, GPS

    My problem now is that I need to know how to wire it all up for power, I've attached a diagram of what I think I'm aiming for.. Can anyone please point out if I have missed something? (sound connections aren't shown)

    As you can see, I plan to use a RJ-45 Loopback adaptor to start the laptop, and the 3 outputs from the P2140 to power laptop, monitor, hub

    I am also TOTALLY CLUELESS when it comes to what gauge wires I should be using for each run.. and what size fuses? (I assume something small like .5amp for the relay one?)

    Lastly, any recommendations on a good place to mount the P2140?


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    Hi! Welcome to the site. The only thing that sticks out so far is how you will be turning on the Powersupply. I use a P1900 which is a little different from this one but I don't know the specs. On the 1900 there is a connection to an accessory line that tells the power supply to start up. I would think the 2140 would have something similar. The RJ45 jack might turn on the laptop, but unless the P1240 is always on (which I don't think it is) it won't provide power on the laptop.

    As far as I know, the guage depends on the length of wire you are using along with the voltage/amps going through the wire. There is a calculator somewhere that shows a "guage" search in the power supply forum for more info.

    You don't list what kind of car you do we know what the best spot for it is? Details...
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      yeah, the powersupply will connect to acc wire aswell.. i left that one out on my diagram.. oops!

      good point about type of car, it is a 2007 camry (sportivo model in .au)

      i assume as the case of the p2140 is a ground potential the supply itself should be mounted on earth? or i could just wire it to earth i suppose?

      thanks for the info on wire-gauges, going to search the power forum now!


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        yes, the P2140 has it's own built-in startup/shutdown controller. according to their website description, the Carnetix P2140 has a "sophisticated Startup/Shutdown Controller (SSC) with USB interface to your CarComputer".

        no, you don't need to mount the power supply enclosure itself to ground (or wire it to ground). just connect the 2 ground wires in the power input harness (there are two 12V battery/constant wires and two ground wires in the power input harness). the installation manual for the P2140 is available here.

        here is a website with some very good info on wire gauges and ampacity. although the info on that page is mainly geared towards amplifier installation, its the same for installing any electronic component in your car.

        good luck with your carPC
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