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  • Sirius Radio General Question...

    I have a Question I purchased this MJS-SC-C1 USB Interface for Sirius Satalite Radio (Mjs-scc1) because I want to have Sirius Radio in my car... I keep reviewing the pictures of the product and in most of the pics it shows the receiver. The description says radios purchased separately but I don't want to buy a radio.... So I'm not sure what I purchased. It looks like I have what is needed to enable my skin but I'm not sure. The product has not arrived yet but is on the way. If I need something to go with the product I purchased to get the entire thing to work can someone tell me that.

    Do I have to buy a receiver or is it coming in the product I purchased. The pictures show the receiver in there but I'm just unclear. If I need to get the receiver I just need to know so I can get it ordered..

    Thanks for the feed back.

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    All you bought was the PC interface, you still need this: