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    Ok, so i got a different post going that i am getting a ton of help and have decided how i am going to go about the internal setup of the vehicle. Here is my new question:

    I am setting up for a set of headrest monitors, a large monitor in a center console and a smaller monitor in the center console also. I am trying to find out if possible to use one carputer or should i set up two? Is it possible to set up two or would that be too much of a draw. The reason I was looking for possibly two computers is because the rear headrest monitors and the smaller monitor in the center console would all have the same video feed. The idea for this is the smaller center console monitor would be touchscreen and having a media center setup on that one to play the movies for the kids in the backseat.

    Let me know if this would all be possible, I am figuring it wouldn't all work off one carputer because the one system will be running a frontend and the other will be running media center, unless there is a pseudo front end for nothing but movies. The idea of the rear monitors is to have dvd movies ripped to the hard drive to be able to choose anything the kids want to watch at random without having to haul around 30 different dvds.

    This might all sound crazy or like lots of worthless usage, however i think it would be the first multi-carputer vehicle?
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    Sounds interesting. I don't think its crazy. You could use two pc's if they have a small current. Remember all the monitors will draw power too. It is also possible to connect more then one monitor to a pc. I am not sure if 4 is possible.
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