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    Just though I would say hello to everyone. I am new to the carpc world, but not to the pc world. I just started to buy all my parts at will link to my project soon.

    A little about me:
    I have built my own pc's since I was 10 or so. The usual neighborhood tech support, as a job while in middle and high school, story. I am 21 now and going to collage for computer science. I have a job working with a game engine to develop serious games in it and enjoy it a lot.

    Why I am here:
    I looked at many decks and there features were grim, were quite pricy, and the menus looked next to impossible to navigate without crashing. That is when I turned to my usual solution of using a pc. I use one for an entertainment center streaming all my media over my home network. As many of you know PC's are flexible and can do anything (with hard work) that most any other device can. I found out about streetDeck on youTube and loved it and that is what brought me here. Little did I know that there was a huge community around it.

    As I said I am going to start a page about my project with photos and whatnot soon and the progress and links will be added to my signature like many others have done.

    Hopefully I can help contribute to the community in some way, as everyone has done an amazing job of helping me get started thus far (reading through tons of posts).

    Not that big of a mechanic guy or electrician, so this is the one part I may lack on my project (help from friends and possibly professionals). I am fine with building PC's soldering a bit with low power items (moded some xboxs), but high power things kinda scare me so I may have car toys or a friend help with that the heavy stuff. I would like to do it myself, as it would be cool to say I did everything. Hopefully I can get a friend to help me, but I would rather stay on the safe side and not cause a fire, get electrocuted or have power issues in my car. Especially since it is new and not sure how long I will have it and want to keep everything pretty clean.

    I am sure I have blabbed enough thanks all and can't wait to get started in this fun, expensive and addictive hobby.

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    Welcome maxfun.

    Yup, it's both expensive and addictive! But, if you plan well, do your research, and install it right, it's worth all of the money an aggrevation!

    You're on the right track so far. Read everything you can here. Find out what others have done. What works, and what doesn't work!

    I'd suggest that you:

    a) put your general location in your personal information so, if someone's local to you, they'll know it. I know that I've contacted folks when I've seen that they're local to me.

    b) along those same lines, check out any local meets. In our area (Washington DC / Maryland / Northern Virginia) there's a meet just about every month. It's great to see how different people have different solutions for similar problems. Even if you don't have a CarPC, you'd be welcome. Personally, I LOVE showing off my hard work!
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      Habious is right. Spend lots of time reading. Once your extremly confused, write down exactly what you want your pc to do. Then start reading posts again. It will make more sense to you. Then decide what hardware/software you want and go to town. Its fun and once you are done, you'll understand.
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