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Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape Dash Kit Install

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  • Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape Dash Kit Install

    Does anyone have any mounting ideas to get a double din dash kit to mount into the opening of a 2004 Tribute? I've read through the few posts on a Tribute/Escape/Mariner install but all of the pics are gone now...

    I got a Metra 99-7505 dash kit with my lilliput screen mounted into a bracket. That fits together nicely, but can't see anywhere that the aftermarket dash kit could bolt in or even lay into the enormous cavity in the dash...

    Does anyone have any experience or ideas on this? I can try to get a few pics if someone needs them.


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    Here is a link to the cheap-o kit if anyone is interested:


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      I am planning the same project (2004 Mazda Tribute).

      The OEM stereo doesnt actually bolt in, it clips into the plastic surround of the bezel, and then has a support lug that slots into that vertical bar with the series of holes in it for support.

      So you would need to find a way to make the metra kit clip into the plastic surround, which I haven't gotten as far as yet (Because I live in Australia, and metra don't answer emails, so I can't actually FIND anyone who will sell me a damn dash kit...).

      But one upside, is that the space behind the HUGE. Isn't that so cool!!! We have enough space to near on fit a full ATX board in there if you wanted, so at least we aren't short of working area in behind that dash


      • #4's amazing how much space is in there!

        Mods, please move this topic if needed. Wasn't sure where to post it.

        I'll probably try a test fit to see what options there might be. I'll try and get some pics so hopefully someone else can benefit from my blunders...

        BTW... here's one that ships worldwide on eBay.metra dash kit


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          Awesome, picked up one of those!

          Also, the metra kit probably doesn't include the actual mounting clips that you would normally have screwed into the side of the original stereo.

          Do you still have those clips? As you would just unscrew them off the original stereo, then screw them into the side of the metra kit, to let you physically mount it into the dash I would have thought...


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            Just the other night I did take of the metal clips from the OE radio. I drilled 4 pilot holes through the Metra kit and my metal screen bracket. Took a bit of patience marking out exact spots to match up to the oe radio but looks like it'll work. Not going to push it all the way in though until about done so I don't have to pop it out again from behind the dash panel...


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              So the metra kit has no spacings or anything similar to what the original radio has for removing/inserting the stereo? no holes for the DIN removal tools?

              That could make things interesting, might have to have a dig down the sides of the dash and see how easy it is to get the unit in and out that way. I need to pull the whole dash out in any case, so might as well do that as part of it!!

              Love to see any pics of the install as you go though, best of luck with it!


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                It is pretty easy to get the unit out from the side/back. There are two (I think 7mm) bolts just above the steering wheel that is hold the left half of the dash on. After taking those two out, the rest of the dash pops right out. Careful of all of the center wires. I just unhooked the hazard light switch so I could just get enough room. There is one notch on each side of the main radio housing. Take a flat screwdriver and push straight in from the side to push the metal clip inward, then slide the whole unit out.

                I'll try to get some pics up soon. Been waiting on a few USB parts before I mount anything.


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                  I was looking at those screws in the dash and figured they were all that was holding it in besides some clips, the wife isn't home till late tonight, so might have to have some fun in the garage this evening having a poke around in there!

                  I also figure that putting a dvd drive where the little pocket it between the rear window demister and the 4 wheel lock could work too, there is about a CD's width of space in there, could probably mould something in pretty easily, and use the remains of the pocket to help support the drive?