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which motherboard for my needs

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  • which motherboard for my needs

    little falls 1 or 2

    Quick bio. I own a 1997 eagle talon and I want to put a car pc into it. I have done much reading and it seems pretty easy. The computer part seems pretty simple but I do have one question.

    out of the 2 motherboards listed above which should I get. I can get the little falls one for 60 dollars and the little falls 2 for 100.

    This is what I am using it for. music, music videos, obdII logger, dvd movie (rarely ever), gps (rare occasions), some wireless data transfer.

    Is the little falls 2 overkill for me to do these simple things? or Will the little falls one suffice?

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    go for the 2nd the extra core will just make any work easier for it.


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      Dual core is overkill for most people. Unless you do multiple things at the same time, you want notice any difference. However, we don't know what the future holds. Software, and our needs change daily. So the choice is yours.
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        HEllo everyone i am recieving my d945gclf2 $88.99 today or tomorrow.

        I am going to set it up with xp. i dont know what software I am using just yet. I am hoping to use my 3.5 60 or 80 gb desktop hard drive.

        with the m2-atx handle this with this motherboard.

        the only thing that will be hooked up with the m2-atx is the 3.5" hard drive, 1gb ddr2, gps reciever, and touch screen