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Question about connecting PSU to motherboard

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  • Question about connecting PSU to motherboard

    First time building a PC for my car and was wanting to know about PSUs. So if I read things right all I would need to get is something like M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU and I can just connect it to the motherboard like a regular PSU?

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    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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      as long as it's an ATX style PSU, then yes it just plugs right in to the motherboard's 20/24-pin ATX power socket.
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        cool thanks guys


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          Got another question, didn't want to start another thread for it though. Connecting the car speakers up to the car PC requires me to use a amp, I've looking at how other do it but I usually see the speakers are hooked to a car stereo.
          I was wanting the amp to be in the back of the car so what way is there to bring the wiring harness for the speakers to the back?
          It's better in the back cause I already have one in the back I was wanting to replace and it would be easier to just keep the grounding wire as is.
          Brings another question though, since I've got a amp hooked up to the battery does that mean I'm going to have to run another line from the battery to power the PC?

          Thanks in advance for the help.


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            Found a schematic of some other person's setup which helped me alot. Posting it up here in case anyone else new runs across this thread might find this as useful.
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