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Hello. Here is my initial idea for a carpc.

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  • Hello. Here is my initial idea for a carpc.

    Hey all. New to the carpc world obviously. Hehe.

    I drive a 97 Regal GS. Info about it can be seen here I have pondered a carpc for quite awhile and I think I want to start piecing something together so that I know what to look for and what kind of task I have ahead of myself.

    First of, I figure I would list what I want it to do. Obviously play music is one of the top things that is on my list. I would also like to have AM/FM (or FM only if that is the only way it can be done) radio as well.

    Right now I have a PAC SWI-X steering wheel control interface that lets me use my steering wheel controls on my aftermarket radio. If this can still be used, that would be better then awsome. If not, it is understandable.

    I also would love to have GPS navigation as well so I can get rid of my Magellan 3100. It is a great unit, but since this is in concept, I would love for the carpc to be able to stuff everything into one package.

    I have a DHP Powertuner that allows me to scan, and flash changes into my PCM and allow me to tune. Right now I do this with my laptop, but I figure I can leave everything hooked up and just work on BIN files on my home PC and then load it to the carpc VIA flash drive and then flash the PCM.

    Internet is cool, but I dont think it is needed. I will have to install a wireless card since the laptop that I will be using does not have one. I have also thought about just getting a card from AT&T or Verizon just for the internet all the time factor.

    I figure I will throw a USB hub in as well just for the simple fact that I can load from a flash drive. I also thought about molding an iphone dock on the center console as well just so I can just throw my phone in there and finally have a phone charger. LOL.

    Ok. Now as far as the screen goes, I was told this is a good screen to use. Ive also read on here that they are widely used. So I figure this would be perfect for me.

    Now, the heart. I have a Toshiba A10 that boots just fine. Just has a broken screen. I figure I can throw in a 250 gig HD and up the ram to 1 gig of ram. This should be plenty for what it will be used for.

    I am also hoping to mount this in the passanger cabin just for the simple fact that chicago land can experience HOT summers, and fierce cold winters. I already have a remote start so leaving AC or heat on and remote starting getting the cabin warm/cool is alot better then leaving it in the trunk. If I am wrong, please let me know.

    Sorry for the long winded first post, but I figured I would throw everything out there at once. Hope to learn alot here and maybe even help others .

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    Thanks for finding my post mods.