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Hello. Here is my initial idea for a carpc.

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  • Hello. Here is my initial idea for a carpc.

    Hello all. I had a huge post typed out, but somehow I was logged off and my post got erased. So here is a shorter version. LOL.

    Either way. Im Fish. I drive a 97 Regal GS that I have pondered putting in a carpc. Here is what I want the carpc to do.

    I want it to have at least FM is not AM/FM capability. I want to store my music on a 250 gig HD. I want it to have GPS capability. I would like to have WiFi or go with an AT&T internet card. I have a DHP powertuner that allows me to scan and change the settings in my PCM that I use to add either performance or MPG. I would like to keep it connected (but not running since I have the scanmaster to monitor other things) all the time.

    Now, as far as displays, Ive read on here and have been recommended elsewhere to run this screen.

    I have a Toshiba A10 that works fine but has a broken screen that I thought of using as the heart of the system. I figure I would throw in a 250 gig HD that I have lying around and upgrade to 1 gig of memory and this thing should pack enough punch for what I need.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Any help or comments would be awsome. Hopfully Ill be around for awhile.