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  • 01 RL Carputer

    Ok, first off im new to carputers, so go ahead and make fun of da newbie.

    glad we got that out of our system
    (if you cant tell, i kinda enjoy these little smilies)

    I have a bit of experience in electronics, tearing up PCs, playing with some at home audio systems, wiring, etc. and have done a bit of modding work, building PC cases, modding cases, ripping open things, chopping holes in things, playing with dremels, etc. With that said I am aware that a carputer requires much more rigorous standards than a normal computer and screwing up a car is a bit more expensive than screwing up a computer case, hence why I am posting.

    My resources are as follows;
    Dell Inspirion (I can't remember the exact model currently)
    • 1 gig ram
    • 128 graphics card
    • 3.4 ghz single core processor
    • windows XP pro
    • 80 gb HD
    • 19" wide screen
    looking into purchasing a cheap SSD for faster boot up and configuring the laptop to shutdown when power is cut
    01 Acura RL (no pictures, but here is a 91 RL with the same console design as my 01)

    So, now everyone knows what I have. Now, my question is, how would people go along installing this? ideas? etc. im weary of ripping up a laptop, not afraid to, but weary of taking a good laptop and removing the monitor for a poor reason or something among those lines.
    My goal for the carputer is to do relatively simple things, play music, access internet, run simple excel documents and thats about it.
    I have done some reading along the forum and one poster utilised a laptop by building a storage container in the trunk of the car. Here Which I think looks great and would accomplish the issue of maintaining the laptop in a useable condition.
    Now comes the big issue of how do I actually install a screen into the car? I'm aware that I will have to purchase a touch screen, no serious issue with that. But can anyone think of a good position to put the screen? as weary as I am about chopping up the laptop, I am even more nervous about cutting up my car. The radio seems like a prime spot, but would it be difficult? I was planning on Hijacking my CD player and pushing the computers sound through there, with the radio gone, how would I go about running the sound? Is removeing a radio a wise move to the more experienced carputerer people? My steering wheel has controls for volume, can I incorporate that into the carputer?

    Any suggestions in general on how to install it, clean it up and make it look nice would be greatly appreciated.