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2008 Mustang?

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  • 2008 Mustang?

    So i've been looking over the forums for quite some time now but never had the chance of building one of these, mainly due to no money. Well, I work for the light company and when Hurricane Ike hit i worked 112 hours a week making double time. So not only was I able to afford a carpc i was also able to afford a 2008 Mustang =D although only a V6 i love it very much. I hear alot of people tell me not to do this to a v6 because its a waste of money but to me its not and i enjoy the heck out of this car.

    Anyways, my main reason i'm here in this thread(hopefully right thread) is to ask a few questions. I read up on the thread on how to create your own bezel with dytron and such. I have ALL that down but i'm a worry wort and like to make sure I know 100% of what i'm doing before i start. So before i ask my question let me post my picture so someone can help me better understand the answer.

    My first question, which is very basic and a newbish question is, how in the world do i remove the dash? I'm sure theres a thread about it and i probably missed it but could someone send it to me again?

    Next is, i plan on installing the screen with the custom bezel. I haven't quite bought the screen yet because like i said I want to make sure I know what i'm doing. But how exactly will the monitor stay in place? Will it be screwed in? If so how? Theres are my main questions so far. Sorry to make the thread so long. I'm glad to be here though =]

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    Here's one of many threads that may offer help.

    Check out the "Show Off Your Project" forum and search for Mustang. You'll see a few more too.
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