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need help with my car project

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  • need help with my car project

    I am new at this forum, hello everyone. So, i have:
    1 single board computer from booser hs-2605 it has every thing on board and it is 3.5'' form factor and single 5v power line and on board disk on chip ( 16mb)
    1 cf to ide converter
    1 dvd usb external drive
    several lcd from several laptops, but i don't know were to find the pin outs for them... the boser card have direct LVDS and panel output
    several 16x2 line lcd displays
    1 blue tooth usb dongle
    willing to buy 1 gps receiver
    and one very old car
    i want to put al this together... but i don't know first of all what operating system do you recommend me? i was thinking at win98lite with windows millennium kit ( for native usb recognition) to put it on the cf card( 1gb Kingston) or this Linux ice which is quite impressive.
    the booser card have on board cf connector but for some reasons i cannot make it work... it also have the disk on chip the one i have is 16 mb( i have 3 of this) first idea was to pt msdos on iti an run the dos mp3 player mpxplay because it has lcd out , but i want quite more from this carputer and that is the gps and the bluetooth phone utility. so what do you recommend me?

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      You have your ideas as far as what OS to use.
      Why don't you try them out and see if they appeal to you, rather than rely on the opinions of a bunch of random strangers on the internet?

      Most people here will recommend WinXP over any of the OSes you mention. It has all the functionality you'll need/want, support is readily available, and you can easily strip it down to improve the footprint and/or boot times.

      You'll have to jump through some hoops with any Windoze OS to use a CF card. EWF & HORM is the most reliable solution, and there are detailed write-ups for using it on the forums.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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