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  • Dual radio tuner

    I was wondering is there a way to make a dual tuner plugin?
    Like you're listening to station 1 that plays not so great track, and you're wondering if the track that's played on station 2 is better/worse… In real life you'd have to switch to station 2 and hear for your self, but if the screen would show RDS info of station 2 you’d probably just would take a look at it, and that would be enough to make a decision to switch or not.
    I'm thinking of something to display RDS info of preset stations in real time without switching to them. So the names of the stations won't be just Station1 or Station2, but the song it's playing now.
    IMHO there has to be a number2 tuner, that is used only to get RDS info from preset stations, while the main tuner plays whatever you're tuned to right now.
    Any ideas on this?

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