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  • Wiring Diagram Help...

    Ok so here is what I have to work with, I understand how to wire the speakers, and in theory (from what I have read on the forums) understand how to power the car pc.

    However I am a visual learner, and just reading this stuff over and over is not helping me any.

    Below I have made a list of everything I have, would anyone be willing to help me figure out the wiring of it?

    -Car PC
    -M2-ATX 160w
    -Sound Blaster X-fi internal sound card
    -Alpine PDX-5 4 channel amp
    -Tsunami Lightwave Capacitor
    -JL TR series front, rear, and tweeter speakers
    -JL enclosed 10" W1
    -External USB2.0 Card Reader (would have gone internal, but I plan to mount the pc in the trunk and the reader in the center console, not sure they make internal USB extension cables that long.
    -USB GPS Node
    -7" Touch Panel LCD (non lilliput, thinking i might regret this. Has yellow and red RCA, VGA, USB, and 12vDC power jack. Did not come with a power supply, so I am dead in the water as to what to do with that.)

    I think that about covers it, I am probably missing something.

    I thank anyone in advance who has the time and patience to help me with this. I will also me making a step by step picture tutorial later this week when I do the install of everything because this site seems to be lacking an all together tutorial.

    Oh also of some importance, I have a 2000 jeep cherokee and I am planning to run this all off the 34/7 series red top optima battery, which is already in the car.

    Thanks again, and those who help WILL NOT go unappreciated in some way.

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    do you know how to wire a car amplifier? if you do then your install will be easier because the procedure for powering your carPC is basically the same (the M2-ATX has the same 12v+, ground, and remote connections as a car amplifier).

    you can power your monitor from the M2-ATX's regulated +12v rail (you can splice into a yellow wire from a molex connector). the output rail grounds are the same as the input ground, so you can connect the monitor ground to te chassis.

    here is a quick M$paint diagram of your setup. hope this helps you 'visualize' it
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      you pretty much just became my hero hands down.

      And I have decided to run everything off a separate battery. I am looking into bat isolators now, and thinking of looking into setting up a new fuse box off the second battery, just to keep everything on it's on fuse and make it as safe and efficient as it can be.