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Need a little general carpc advise

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  • Need a little general carpc advise

    Hi all, I'm kinda a noob to all the carpc stuff, but not so much computers in general. I've built my own, fixed, modified, etc. numberous, so the knowledge is there. I just need help on the hardware front.

    What exactly is a good, but reasonably priced system that can handle my needs? I want something in a case like the Voom2. Needs to be small since I'd like to put it under the pass. seat of my Camaro.

    My intentions are:

    Mostly music, but video as well

    Keep my steering wheel controls, if at all possible.

    I'd like to run the Roadrunner (not the front end) LS1 Emulation software with EFI live so I can tune it in realtime

    I'd like bluetooth support for integrating my phone (HTC TYTN II a.k.a. Tilt)

    I'd love it if I could somehow manage to sync my Zune to it to play music, and video, but not have it on the HDD. (probably need the Zune dock?)

    Wifi would be nice, but isn't a necessity right now, since I don't want to pay for something like the AT&T Wifi card and don't have internet on my phone (hope to soon though, as well as I can tether my phone and use it as a modem for the computer)

    And lastly, I plan on using a Fusion Brain to control everything (fogs, maybe some ambient type LEDs inside, etc.)

    Keep in mind I plan on going with a good stereo as well. I'm gonna use CDT 6.5s in the front doors and in the hatch, Elemental Designs 6.5" subs in the sail panels and 2 12" Elemental Designs subs with a 25 to Life Power 1000. I'd like to use it to get the best sound quality, while still having some bass. I've seen you can use 5.1, but is it really worth it over stereo?

    Lastly, I need advice on a good monitor. I've seen some on Ebay for $200 with all kinda of features, just no VGA. The resolution specs where pretty good, but for a no namebrand I'd be hesitant to use it because I don't know about the touchscreen support (wouldn't mind a backup camera since Camaros have alot of blind spots).

    Sorry for all the questions, and stickies are great, I read most of em, but I need some first hand advise if possible.

    EDIT: Sorry, forgot a couple things.

    What front end would be ideal for integrating all this? I don't want something overly complicated.

    And lastly (for real this time lol), I wouldn't mind GPS if it only cost me the $40 or so for the reciever.

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      The reason you aren't getting any responses is this question gets asked daily. Take a look in the Newbie section and check out some of the posts there for proposals and advice on system specification ideas.

      Beyond that, look at the basic car PC packages in the store. Since I don't know what you consider to be reasonably priced, I can't give you a targeted recommendation, but I can tell you that the Intel D201GLY board that I am using will do all the things you are asking for. The Intel Atom boards have caused quite a stir and are also good candidates.

      Beyond that, a laptop with a broken screen, an old desktop, or almost any modern PC fits the bill for your needs.
      Originally posted by ghettocruzer
      I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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        If you can build computers, do so.

        Get a case, get a mini-itx board and slap 'em together.

        For what you want, almost anything will work. I suggest a via board with a C7 or a Core Solo/Duo or Core 2 Duo. If you look on ebay, you can get some of the Core 2 mobiles 5xxx series for like $15. Then the mobo is around $200 that will take it.

        For the screen ebay is fine. Just search for VGA and USB in the car electronics area and a bagillion will popup. They are all the same. Only difference is transflective, reflective, high brightness, and some other smaller kinds. Basically if it is $150 to $400 it is a standard screen. Transflectives are about $600 to $700.

        GPS software costs money as does the receiver. It is definately worth it. Even if you just get the receiver. Speed controlled volume is my best friend.

        Wifi and bluetooth just get USB for.

        Basically just build a PC like you would normally for low power draw. Then slap in a DC-DC PSU that can handle the load, and be done with it.
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