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Help installing in an FJ Cruiser

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  • Help installing in an FJ Cruiser

    I am completely new to the whole car computer thing. I have built my own computer before, and have installed many car audio systems.
    I own a 2007 FJ Cruiser with the FJammer headunit.
    I also couldn't find anywhere on the forum where someone had done an install in an FJ. I know of at least three people from who have done carputers.
    I have browsed and searched the forums, but there is so much info to wade through.
    I have also looked on the store and have found some basic stuff which I like, but I don't know how to pull it all together.
    Here is a list of some of the stuff I have found that I liked:
    • Voom-2 CarPC Enclosure
    • The Panasonic DVD drive
    • a 250GB hard drive
    • at least 1GB of memory
    • either the Intel BLKD945GCLF2 or the VIA motherboard (I can't decide)
    • maybe the M2-ATX PSU (help me out here)
    • I like the lilliput 8" display (again I'm not sure here either)
    • I don't know what the fusion brain is or what it does (help me here also please

    Now for the list of what I want my computer to do:
    • GPS w/ turn by turn and breadcrumb capabilities
    • audio and video controls
    • wireless internet
    • bluetooth w/handsfree dialing
    • obd II integration w/ ability to reprogram, performance logs, and engine mapping
    • car video
    • integration of everything

    If ya'll could help me out I'd really appreciate it

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    Here are links to pics of my truck.
    The pics of the radio are in the third link.

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      What you have listed looks good so far and your expectations on the pc are doable. I see a few areas that need your attention. Your hardware doesn't meet your requirements. You need to add a GPS receiver, internet, bluetooth, and OBD equipment. You'll need to research these areas to find the equipment that best meets your needs. Also, I didn't see a means of getting your audio to your speakers. Do you have a head unit with audio inputs? A little food for thought.
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        I have an Aux input (headphone style) that I plan on using at first, then eventually hooking it in seamlessly.
        I know I need the gps, bluetooth, ect, but I don't know which kind to use.