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Noob 2000 Blazer TruckPC install

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  • Noob 2000 Blazer TruckPC install

    Here are my PC stats:

    K8M400 chipset
    AMD Anthlon 64 X2 4200+ @ 2.2GHz
    2GB RAM
    2 x 160GB HDDs
    Windows Vista Ultimate/Mac Apple OS X x86 dual boot
    Windows XP Pro SP3 on Virtual Box
    8-in-1 flash card reader
    DVD-DL burner
    250W PSU

    I want to install like so, let me know if I am doing it correctly, and what parts I am missing.

    I will make a custom box for the mobo. A nice cube to mount in the rear. I will have lots of fans to go with it.

    Will this PSU be the one I need? 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

    I want to put in this monitor: 8" Lilliput

    Now I just need cabling to extend the DVD drive.
    I also would like one of the HDDs to be in a hot swap bay, installed on the side of the box.

    Front end is not of concern as of right now, as I have not decided to use GPS yet.

    A Sony HU will take care of sound, so I figured I would use a 3.5mm jack to RCA audio adapter.

    I want to get a Keyboard with built in touch pad, so two separate components would not be necessary.


    My current system is a Sony Xplod HU @ 52W/channel
    12" Pioneers @ 400W RMS
    200W Max Vr3 2 channel bridged on 1 sub
    200W Max Radion 2 channel bridged on the other sub
    S.U.VEEPC Progress

    Planning.[---X------] (40%)

    Parts.....[-------X--] (80%)

    Build......[X---------] (00%)

    My Worklog

    RedLine Soldiers (My Car Crew)