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Head Unit Amp problem

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  • Head Unit Amp problem

    Hey Everyone,

    I am new here... Have been looking around the forums for a fair while now. Thought now was finally a good time to sign up, but a long with that comes a problem.

    My first mistake, buying a 7" Motorised LCD 1 DIN unit setup from china. No brand of course.

    I recently got it installed by a professional, not ready to do the installs myself. I noticed that when i use the RADIO my AMP is turned on, as it should be. But when i choose DVD or AUX function's my AMP is not powered, thus i don't get the sound quality i am after.

    My theory is that the unit is faulty... Any ideas?

    Oh and the previous unit i had (which broke that was also from asia) had no problems powering up the amp when needed!


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    Some of these have menu options that can be changed. Does the amp not power on when you switch it or are you not getting audio through to your amp? If it is not powering on, wire the remote wire to a constant power source and see if you get audio that way. If you do, run a power wire to a switch and then to your amp. Then just hit the switch when you want the amp to power on.
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      a better way to do it would be to wire the amp's REM line to a switched 12v power source. many cars have a cig lighter sockets that are switched on/off with the ignition key, this would be an easy place to tap into a switched power source. another place to tap into would be your car's interior fuse panel.

      *remember to put an inline fuse at the beginning of the REM wire (within a few inches of the power source).
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        Hey guys,
        Thanks for your response, i had it done earlier today (just finished work) and the problem was that the unit didn't have a seperate wire for the amp, so in the end the wire got combined with the power on ignition (or something along the lines of) and now my amp just powers on when ever i turn the ignition on!
        So, all good thanks