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Question about monitor and power to it

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  • Question about monitor and power to it

    Ok I have started thinking about a monitor while I work on installing a new set of speakers in the rear of my Tracker (posting pictures later). I found this screen really cheap wanted to know what you all thought of it.

    Now I also have a question about power. I was planning on running a power lin to the front og my car that could be used to power some other optional devices maybe (like a couple neons) and the monitor. Now I see most of the monitors have a DC input for like a power brick. So how does that exactly work. Does something replace the power brick or does the power brick work together with somethjing else. I guess I am alittle confused on that part.

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    Not sure?

    Looks good...
    You will be looking at a ground up install. This maybe ideal for your purpose but, alot of the fabs done here use the bezel/case for a start point and/or mount. Just my answer to your question.
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      What are you feelings about the power part...I must be missing something on that part. Tomorrow I am going to do some research in the installs forum see how the power for the monitor is done....

      Thanks for your reply


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        according to that eBay listing, that monitor needs regulated +12v power. your car's wiring is unregulated so you need to get the monitors power from somewhere else. you have a couple different options depending on your carputer's power source.

        1.) If you are using an ATX DC-DC power supply for your carputer, then you tap into a 12v line from that (usually the yellow wire in the 4-pin molex connector lines).

        2.) If you are using a non-ATX DC-DC power supply (like a Carnetix unit) then it may have a secondary +12v regulated output that you can use to power your monitor.

        3.) If you are using an inverter to power your PC, then you can:
        3a.) buy a 12v AC-DC power brick and use the inverter to power it, or...
        3b.) buy a standalone (point-of-load) 12v regulator like the Opus DCL11 to directly power the monitor.

        as for the physical power connection to the monitor; regardless of where you draw your power from, you will have to wire your own power connection. the easiest way to do this would be to cut off the black power connector and splice your power wires into the header wires. alternatively, you could solder on a matching power connector that will allow you to plug your power wires into the black power connector (I don't see any advantage of doing it this way, but its up to you).

        good luck
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