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  • Wiring question

    I am going to run the wires in my car soon (before I actually buy the parts, I know what im going to order for the most part) and was wondering if these things would be good for what I need in the cab of the car.
    The computer is going in the trunk. the battery is in the trunk. It also has DSP (the amp in in the trunk aswell)

    -3 usb cables
    1) touch screen
    2)cd/dvd drive (does this need its own?)
    3) a random one for other stuff
    - 1 cat5 cable for the reset/power buttons
    -1 vga for screen
    -a 16awg speaker wire for power to screen (Only way to power screen other then having a second PS up front?

    uhm.. I think that is all that is needed to go from the trunk to the front. I will do the rest of the wiring in the trunk when I get the parts (Have time to do it right now, and I have to take apart my whole car to run the cables lol)

    Thanks for your imput