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In search of a project to fit these dimensions: DIN1 sized, but only 1" deep

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  • In search of a project to fit these dimensions: DIN1 sized, but only 1" deep

    Long time reader, first time poster. This is the one site on the net that has the expertise I'm looking for, so I would appreciate your input! I've searched the archives but didn't find a suitable idea.

    I bought a carbon fiber headliner that has a DIN-sized cutout near the courtesy lights. I want to put something in that hole, but I only have about 1.5" of clearance before you hit the roof of the car.

    This leaves the possibility of putting in some gauges (not what I want, I already have enough gauges), or a DIN-sized fascia cover with switches (also not what I want, it's boring and I really have nothing that needs a switch), or some kind of DIN sized screen. I already have a headunit, but one thing my car is lacking is a nav-system. I haven't found any nav systems that will fit these specs, however.

    I'm fairly good with electronics (I put almost 900 LEDs into my taillights and constructed a pulse width modulator/controller for 25 power supplies, all FROM SCRATCH, see vid, so I think I could try something high on the difficulty scale without catching on fire.

    My dream would be to have a DIN sized screen there and some kind of video on rotation, or videos that react to certain inputs (like if I'm WOT, hit 15 lbs of boost, water temp exceeds a certain temp, etc...) I could use a IC chip to send the output signal, but I just have very little experience with LCDs and the hardware that can put videos on them.

    One last thing - I fear that b/c I'm a NOOB, I will already receive the hate, but this will make it sound even worse: You know that scene from F&F2 where the alien-looking girl is driving her pink s2000 and a cartoon girl growls on the screen when she hits the throttle? I want something like that, just not so hollywood. Please don't get and throw rice at me

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    Hahaha - that's awesome.
    You get nerd points for that.
    I'll admit that you're idea is pretty cool with what you want it to do, but why not just be easy and practical with a Scanguage II? That ought to fit...

    P.S. LOVE your LED conversion. Got any details?
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.


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      Originally posted by Lincolnman View Post

      P.S. LOVE your LED conversion. Got any details?
      Yea, have an extra hundred hours to kill, and a good deal on 1000 lumiled superflux LEDs (these can go for 40 cents a piece!) It's so bright when I have 20 amps of power going to all the arrays - aggggg my eyes!

      That OBDII scanner is actually something I could use. I'm mostly interested in looking at fuel trims though, I wonder if it could do that. And it also looks smaller than singleDIN size. Do you know any OBDII displays that are single DIN size?


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        It is smaller than DIN, but if you make a trim for it (easy enough) it is the right depth. They are 4.8"X1.5"X1" .
        I am looking at the box now from the one my uncle bought.
        None of my vehicles are yet OBD II, I am doing a conversion on one car, but none I own are yet. Therefore I have not bought one, but my uncle sent his old box with me so that I would not forget what they were called. Luckily, I am a pack rat and still had the box.
        The Scanguage II can:
        Read trouble codes, clear said codes, show all engine conditions at time code appeared, reset engine light, tell you fuel economy, fuel used, maximum coolant temperature, distance, maximum RPM, drive time, maximum speed, average speed, current tank's distance to empty, time to empty, fuel to empty, etc.
        It can also tell you (IN REAL TIME) fuel economy in MPG or L/100Km, fuel rate in GPH or LPH, offer a digital speedometer in MPH or KPH (which is adjustable for gear/tire size changes), tachometer (accurate to within 1 RPM!), manifold pressure (if car is equipped), battery voltage (accurate to .1 volts), coolant temperature, Intake air temperature, engine load, ignition timing (before and after TDC), throttle position, and open/closed loop information.
        It does more than these that I listed but you get the idea.
        I AM NOT affiliated with them as a product, I just think they are a great little gadget for those who are not willing or ready to go the PC route for their OBD II system. The big drawback with them is that they can only display up to four (4) things simultaneously. On the other hand, with a custom setup the limiting factor is the screen you choose and the programming.
        Just wanted to offer it up as an option, since the depth is a concern.
        Personally I think the custom route is better if you have the stick-to-it-iveness, funds, and ability.
        I'll quit plugging their product now.

        As for the LED lights, I was hoping that you might have some generic outline of what method you used for it.
        Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.


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          If you head over to the HIDplanet forums, I have a whole thread dedicated to my LED tails project, covering the build and the results. I haven't logged on to that site for a long time, so just search for ez as the author and eclipse or superflux tails in the LED subforum.

          I still don't know if the scanguageII can look at short and long term fuel trims. All my google searching is coming up empty handed.

          What material would you make the custom DIN-sized face plate out of? I need something that's easy to cut, maybe head on over a plastic store or something. Also I have to find a way to hold it up in the headliner above me- I want it to look clean, so I don't know how to finish off the seam between the face plate and the headliner. Suggestions if I do go this route?