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how to? - DVD drive, and other questions

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  • how to? - DVD drive, and other questions

    Hello From another aussie :P,

    new to the forums have been reading what i can to get into this.

    I have been interested in building a carputer for a little while and now i have the funds to do so.

    I am planning on getting it done in the next couple of months.

    I have a 1999 WRX that it will be going into.

    So i was thinking of getting an atom 330 board with the m4-atx power supply.
    Adding in wireless, bluetooth, gps, for a start (get into the details of what unit when it comes to it) but my main issue i am having is how do i incorporate a cd/dvd drive into the system? the unit will be in the boot, and i would want this up front (preferably a slot load one, not a tray one) so how do i achieve this? do you guys just get a usb dvd drive like that and mount it in the dash somewhere or what?

    also couple other questions i have.
    I have been reading up about the screens and i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what the largest size screen i could get into my car is?

    i currently have a 7" double din machine in but i feel that it is to low down where the stock mounts are, wondering if there is any way i can put it up higher? or on top of the dash? maybe where the storage compartment is on the dash?
    any idea how i can get a screen larger than 7" in my car?

    These are the main things i am having issues with atm, the other stuff like parts i am fine with, i can research into those and work out what is good for my needs.

    My trouble is just with how to get a dvd rom in there and mounting a screen that is larger than 7" and preferably higher than the std point.

    Hope you guys can help me out.

    Thanks heaps