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  • New Guy looking for some tips

    Hey guys. I'm new to the carpc world, but not to car audio.This will be the first time I ever did a carpc install.

    Basically what I'm looking for a pc that still allows me to use my xbox in the car, as well as uses fiber optic wire for the amps. I would like to also share the screen with the xbox/pc/backup camera.

    But my problem is being in the psu,cpu,mobo,rem etc.

    I know I want something decent enough to use Wifi, and GPS it MUST have those to add ons which from what I've read are fairly simple? I also plan on running roadrunner for a face.

    I would ideally like to buy someones PC that is under 500 and in perfect shape so all I have to do is fit it in my car and be done.


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    Check out the new Intel Dual-Core Atom board:

    It has S/PDIF digital out.

    Put it in a mo-co-so case with an M2-ATX power supply.

    As for xbox, use the composite video output, and hook it up to the second video input on whatever monitor you plan on using, and switch the video source on the monitor between computer and xbox. The audio can go to line-in on the motherboard, so it will play through the amp.

    That board has a serial port, so get a serial GPS receiver, they are more reliable than USB. Unless you plan on using HD Radio, that requires serial, so you would get a USB GPS receiver in that case.

    Hope this helps!
    -- Kevin


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      kross thanks for the help.

      After talking to my friend who did a carpc build. He gave me some little tips.

      Things that I know I need to get/look into are:

      Lilliput 7" widescreen touchscreen (should have 2-3 video ins right?)
      GPS(mostlikely USB)
      HD/FM/AM/Sirius/XM radio
      Big enough harddrive/external one to play movies/music from
      Mini keyboard
      Pulse mouse
      I think a single core CPU would be enough but I could be wrong?
      Optical out/in sound

      Thats things I know I need/need to look into, I'm up for more suggestions though