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help to setup on a EPIA-CN13000G

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  • help to setup on a EPIA-CN13000G

    hi .everyone.i am new on pcs.i've building a carpc.i using a epia-cn13000g mini itx,try to put it into a Morex Cubid 3688 case.the case came with a front panel swiths and leds.and a 60W power supply.i just don't know how to connect the front panel switch to a motherboard.please help.this is the front panel connector on the motherboard..the power sw has red & black.the reset sw has orange & white.the HDD led has red & white.the power led has green & white.i thinks all.thanks

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    it shows you right there on the picture. Power LED goes to Pins 1,3,5 HDD LED goes to 2,4 Power SW goes to 6,8 Reset SW goes to 10,12 Black wire is usually GND. Reset SW Orange/White dont usually matter. for the LEDs, white is probably the GND. Just plug it in that way, if it does not light up, flip it over.


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      yes.i got it .thanks f1ip.