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Remote Start Alarm Problem

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  • Remote Start Alarm Problem

    Well hi, Im new to the site but been browsing around for a couple of months now. Don't know if Im posting this on the right place or not if not mods please move thanx.

    Well I bought a Prestige APS997 remote start system for my 97 Nissan 240sx and I installed it, but Im having some problems w the remote it was working fine until I started messing around w the settings on the system and now the remote does not work when I press the lock button the lights blink twice and the sirens sounds twice, but does not lock anything and then when I press the unlock button nothing happens and same goes of the remote start button. Have any of you guys ran across something similar or know the solution to my problem thanx.

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    Well I found the problem it was that I unprogramed the buttons not the complete remote just the lock, unlock, and the remote start button. The way I fixed it was

    1.Turn ingition on press and release the valey switch 3 times
    2.Press and hold the lock button for about 2-3 seconds and that should program the lock the siren should sound.
    3.Press and release the valey switch one more time and press and hold for 2-3 seconds the unlock button the siren will sound one more time.
    4. Press and release the valey switch on more time and press and hold for 2-3 seconds the remote start button the alarm would sound one more time.
    5. Turn the ingnition key to off and your all done.


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      Does your remote start trigger your ACC line?

      Meaning, if you remote start your car (without putting your key in) - will it send the signal to your ACC line needed to turn on your PC?