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    All I really know about this is that more watts = more noise...

    I am thinking about using this amp...|39:1|240:1318

    as but then I also want some this amp supports 4 subs I guess ( 4 channels)...But all I really need are 2...

    What would be some reliable, good quality low cost subs...

    Thanks to any and all...

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    That's not a subwoofer amp, that's a 4-channel amp for powering the front speakers of your car. If you want a sub amp for cheap, look at getting a refurbished Kicker amp. They carry a 90-day warranty. For instance:


    Those amps can only go down to 2 ohms, so make sure if you're running 2 subs, they are single voice coil 4 ohms each.


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      As for good quality, low cost subs, the RE Audio SR-series won't let you down. You can get a pair of them for about $165 (for the 10") on ebay. Although those are dual voice coil, so make sure you get the 2-ohm, not the 4-ohm versions, if you go that route. Also, those can handle a decent amount of power, so you may want to step up the amp to the zx750.1, about $225 from HFSC listed above.