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2005 volvo s60 what do i need?

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  • 2005 volvo s60 what do i need?

    hello im new to the forums

    let me explain my current problem maybe you guys can help me out

    i have a stock radio a HU-603 i believe, and for some reason is giving me the message "cd error" there is no cd stuck or anything i tried cleaning it with a cd cleaner and is still the same problem.

    so now i have two options buy a stock radio from the dealer or get one from a store such as best buy and get a nice car radio like an alpine

    i just called the dealer and they gave me a quote approximately about 400$-500$ just for the stock radio X_X

    to me the best option now is to get a radio from the store and install it which is about 200 dollars for a nice alpine radio which has mp3,satellite,etc

    so i went to best buy and for some reason they do not carry the parts to install a radio in a volvo

    installing the radio myself is not a problem i have my dad which is pretty good with eletronics and we installed the radio last time on the other car which was a 1995bmw 318is

    but the problem is what do i need to be able to install the radio?

    i know i need like a faceplate for the new radio because the stock radio will leave a huge space when taken out? where can i buy this?

    is there any installation kits out there for volvo s60 2005?or what part or cable will i need?

    and if i do install the alpine radio will i be able to keep my steering wheel audio controls?

    any help is appreciated