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First build - has anyone used this screen?

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  • First build - has anyone used this screen?

    Hello all.

    I've been thinking of building myself an in car computer for a few months now, and I would firstly like to say - wow! This forum is an absolute wealth of information. I've read a hell of a lot on here before registering, and I would like to thank everyone for providing such useful information and tips.

    My plan is to build a double DIN unit with all the computer components and the screen built in, so that it will all be easy to remove when I come to get a new car.

    I've built computers before so hardware wise I should be OK, I'm pretty happy with the software side of things, and I work in a manufacturing company, so to build a custom ally case will not be a problem.

    So, the parts I have ordered so far are:
    • A mini-ITX motherboard with an 800mhz VIA C3 processor. (Not over powerful, but I think it should be enough to handle the programs I'm planning to run.)
    • A CF to IDE adaptor plus a CF card, as I plan to use this to run the OS etc.
    • An M2-ATX PSU.
    • A 7" VGA touchscreen on ebay from a company called Skyport gmbh.

    This last item leads us onto the main reason for my post. Having run a search - it's not looking good - but has anyone used one of these monitors, or even heard of the company? (I only ordered it this week, and it hasn't yet arrived.)

    Any thoughts, comments, or people telling me that it's a crap build and will never work(!) are appreciated.