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98 Nissan Altima Build

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  • 98 Nissan Altima Build

    Hello all, I think I've been lurking long enough so here is my carpc thread. First the car...

    1998 Nissan Altima
    HS Intake
    HS Header
    Magnaflow Cat to Magnaflow Exhaust
    KYB GR2's
    Ground Control coilovers
    Front strut bar
    Liquid Ink Front arm brace
    2001 blacked out headlights w/ GE superbright nighthawk bulbs
    Altezza carbon tails
    Rear drums and front caliper painted black
    Polished oil cap - looks like the NISMO one.
    debadged the GXE on back
    17" Enkei RS6 painted gunmetal rims with falken gr beta fk-451

    and the audio equipment
    (haven't installed yet)

    Headunit: Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD or the Pioneer AVH-P5000DVD
    Equalizer: Eclipse 6 Band Equalizer EQ100
    AMP: Pioneer GM-4300F 80w x 4
    Sub AMP: Not purchased yet
    Speakers F + R: Pioneer TS-G1642R

    the pc

    it is a HP E-PC Pentium III 866Mhz with 256 megs of ram & 20 gig hd. I wanted to do a low end pc cause I'm more of a music person then playing video games/watching movies/etc. on the pc. Also with the P4000DVD and P5000DVD I can watch dvds from the actual headunit if I wanted to all that bad which probably won't happen. Plus I'm using the headunit I have now (Pioneer DEH-P6000UB) for that exact listen to more music without burning 40 cds and what not. I have a 20 gig external drive that sits in my glove box which holes MORE then enough music for Me to flip through. On the pc I'll have either a modified version of Win98 or WinXp. By modified I mean completely slimmed down since I won't be needing things like print services, etc. etc. (by the way I plan on writing a tutorial on this when it happens for all of you who wish to do the same) I don't want to use a program like (insert name here) because the service or program that you don't want is still there all that program does is hide it so it doesn't load. So why not just remove it all together? enough of that mumble jumble. That is it for now, I'm going to start on the pc probably after the christmas now is just the planning and tweaking the plan stage.