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lovely car project.

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  • lovely car project.

    2 ideas, probably 1 will prevail...

    Idea 1:
    have "carputer" somewhere in my car and point all input/output to a doubledin touchscreen monitor... Underneathe the monitor will be a single din spot to fit a keyboard that just pops out on demand and then pops back in the same way... I have no idea what this would be called, I searched for about an hour before registering and came up with one person who made there own design. Doesnt look like the easiest thing to do and could have been more efficient. not to mention it was over a year ago haha... my question is under $400 is it possible to make something with the keyboard how i want it or no? and if so how can it be done and what kind of slide/motor would i need...

    Idea 2:

    Scrap the 2nd idea totally impractical.