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I'm at a loss! (Wiring)

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  • I'm at a loss! (Wiring)

    Ok, I'm going to expose myself as a total newbie here. Apparently my mad computer building skills aren't helping me to wire my case. I'm at a total loss on how to wire the 6 wire harness that came with my case.

    Here's what I'm using:

    Mo-Co-So Computer case
    Intel Dual Core Atom w/motherboard
    M3-ATX power supply.

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing how to wire the wiring harness. I have 4 wires coming from the Power Supply but can't figure out what the other two wires are for and want to make sure that I'm wiring it correctly. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    you can use the wires for anything you want.
    on mine i put Black/Red to GND/12V
    White will go to ACC
    Green and Yellow tied to the Reset pins on the Mobo, This will connect to my Display. It has 2 wirings for Reset.
    I dont have any use for the Blue one. This can be used as an AMP turn on wire that can be connected to the M2-ATX.


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      Ok, so though there are 6 wires I may not use them all... Thanks for the help!


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        as f1ip said, you can use them for whatever you want. in my setup, I use an M2-ATX with the Mo-Co-So case. my wire harness/colors are set up as:

        black = chassis ground
        white = vehicle ignition
        red = 12v constant (car battery)
        blue = audio amplifier rem turn on output
        yellow = +12v regulated output (powers my Lilliput monitor)
        green = +5v regulated output (powers USB hub)

        you don't need an output ground in the case harness to power any external device (outside of your case). if you power anything [that requires regulated power] through the case harness, you can ground the device to the vehicle chassis (no need to run a ground wire all the way to the case harness).

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