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  • A Few Questions

    Having been looking into building a carputer (carpc) i though i'd investigate more anyway being brought here from a number of sites i've been keeping a watchful eye on blogs, questions and pictures.

    Obiously i have a few questions;
    1)In order to get sat nav with traffic updates what kind of GPS receiver would be required? i can only find ones that are for TomToms.
    2) I have already got a "spare" computer(Specs at the bottom) However i plan to transfer music across via a flash drive and then automatically copy the files from my flash drive to a single folder in my music and playlists into a playlist folder
    Music: My Documents\My Music\Music
    Playlists: My Documents\My Music\Playlists
    Just so i can select a album from a playlist.
    However having problems, anyone have any suggestions how to do this? I#m using APO USB Autorun to get my flash drive to autorun however i can't find a program to copy this automatically. After having a look around winamp (Version: 5.54) i can't seem to even winamp to copy it across (i don't want duplicate songs so they have to be checked you see.

    is it better to get an LCD screen with a touchscreen kit as this is cheaper or would just a touchscreen lcd screen be better? i'm on a bit of a budget you see.

    I'm hoping to fit this into a peugeot 106 however i would have to take it out in a year or so as the car is getting towards the end of it's life. Is it better to wait untill i get my next car? I has hoping to fit it so i can iron out any errors and things.

    Any Suggestions?

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    I've tested my bluetooth connection and plan to transfer music across using a blueooth connection from computer one to computer two

    Still wondering about The Trafic Updates and stuff though.?