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  • Just saying hello

    I am new to these forums but not to the carputing game. I have actually been into this for about 5 years now. I have been doing a lot of reading at the site for a long time but just got around to registering the other day. I see that this place has grown a lot as of recent as well. I am currently in the process of building a new system for my 04 Dakota, now that I finally done constructing the sound system it is time to do the puter. I have most of the goodies and will begin the process likely tomorrow. So hello everybody, and a special hello to PCPETE who essencially guided me here.
    Data911 M5 system
    RR and iGo8PC
    Pioneer head unit
    Pioneer DEQ-9200 digital processor
    Phoenix gold line drivers
    Ultimate and Visonik amplifiers
    SMT 3 way active front stage
    Digital Design sub woofers
    3 runs of 0 gauge wire

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    Hi wizard! Welcome aboard!

    Glad to hear that pcpete dragged you in to register with the most informative carPC site on the internet. We look forward to seeing the configuration you have in the Dakota.

    Best wishes, and Happy Holidays!

    Check out my CARPC: Project Diamond Plate

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    CPU Electrical Specs
    Power Supply Calculator

    Video Connections for newbies
    Temperature Converter
    Voltage Calculator


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      10 years ago it was pretty impractical to do this hobby... but now for less then a grand you can have a kick *** computer built right into your car. sure is fun!