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Please help me finalize my CarPC list!

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  • Please help me finalize my CarPC list!

    Ok, I have been reading for about 4 hours trying to get everything together that I would need for a CarPC install. I have an 02 Maxima SE (no Bose system) and I want to keep the cost as little as possible. I have a ton of computer parts already, so I think that having a box for all the components will be best instead of trying to cram everything into the LCD's box. I'd probably have to buy newer, smaller components anyway which I don't want to do since I have everything I need from various PC's I no longer use.

    This is what I need to buy so far...

    Pre-assembled Bybyte Double-Din LCD Frame 701 (

    GlobalSat BU-353 Water-Proof USB GPS Receiver (

    Dash kit

    Here are a few questions... What would be a good power supply to power all this and have one with a timer on it so that it can shutdown properly? What is a good option for WiFi? And also, how can I get audio out of the CarPC and into the speakers? What adapter do I need?

    I really want to get this built, but I do need some help, so please help me. Thanks in advance!

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    You could probably save some serious $$$ if you do the touchscreen mounting yourself...
    Epoxy, Dremel and some bodyfiller + skills is all ya need!

    The GPS mouse is a great reciever...just don't mount it under window tint!

    WiFI...any good USB WiFi adapter will work. I found one on Ebay that allows external antennas to thread in...a BIG plus in a car with a 7dB gain antenna!

    Something like this:

    PSU, do not get a M2 or M4...OPUS 320 is probably one of the best, but certainly more $$.

    You can get a 1/8" stereo jack to stereo RCA adapters...
    I made all my own interconnects for my setup...