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My plan and questions for my Carpc With dell latitude d600 laptop

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  • My plan and questions for my Carpc With dell latitude d600 laptop

    Ok so I have 2003 Wrx. Right now Iím just running Alpine CDA-9884 head unit. I have a generic screen that I molded into the bezel and I have a ps2 in the glove box to play movies on it.

    Well this isnít cutting it for me anymore.

    I have a Dell Latitude d600 laptop lying around so Iíd like to put it 2 use.

    Here is the stuff I plan for running with it
    -Dell Latitude d600 laptop
    -7 port usb hub
    -Mini wireless keyboard
    -BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    -iGuidance v2009 4.1 Laptop gps program
    -7 inch touch screen molded into the bezel (havenít decided on which yet)
    -an external USB DVD drive that I will mount in my center console
    -external hard drive for music and movies

    Now to my questions.
    How to you guys power your laptops? Do you run a whole new wire from the battery, or do u just jump into something? Also Is there any inverters that can power both my computer and a ps2.

    How do you guys get it so that your computer turns on safely when you start the car and safely when you shut the car off?

    My head unit has an auxiliary audio input with the two normal audio you have on like a TV. Is there a way to run audio from my computer to the head unit with this that it would have good quality sound still?

    Any help would be great. I have been doing a lot of reading on this and I know I still have a ton of questions.