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Carputer and ICE Installation : Suzuki Swift

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  • Carputer and ICE Installation : Suzuki Swift

    Hey guys. I am building carputer for my Swift.
    So far I have got the following stuffs. You can check out the pics.

    Motherboard: Intel D945GCLF
    RAM: Transcend DDR2 2 GB 667
    HDD: Segate 160 GB SATA (2.5" Lappy HDD)
    OS: Windows XP Professional (nlited)
    Power supply: SB-100D Automotive Power Supply (
    Enclosure: Quadrant-Fx Enclosure (
    Display: IRV-070SE (
    Internet - BSNL EV-DO
    Bluetooth - Generic USB Bluetooth Dongle.

    Stuffs to buy.
    USB Wi-Fi Adapter (
    USB GPS Unit.(Any Recommendation)
    USB HUB .(Just Bought Logitech 4 Port USB 2.0 HUB)

    Most Importantly USB Sound card.Coz onboard(Relaltek) is not at all good. As PCI one wont fit in enclosure. So I have finalized Creative X-Fi.

    But i have read many bad reviews on this forum about this card. Is there any other Choice ?
    I am stucked on Sound Card area. So Please Help me on this.

    ICE Setup.
    Front Compo. : Illusion Audio EL 6.1
    Amp for Compo. : JBL GTO 1004
    Subwoofer : Ground Zero GZTW 12Mk2
    Amp Wiring Kit : Ground Zero GZPK10
    RCA Cable : Ichibahn ISTS 20
    Enclosure for Sub : MDF based for SUB
    Damping : Noise Kill


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    So finally. My carputer is up and running.
    Here are some few pics.

    Final Specs.
    Intel Atom D945GCFL
    Transcend 2GB DDR2 667
    2.5" Seagate 160 GB HDD
    7" Touch Screen LCD
    125W - DC-DC Power Supply
    Creative X-Fi 5.1 USB Sound Cad
    BSNL EV-DO Net
    Sirfstar-III USB GPS
    SatGuide India Maps
    Brando Wireless Keyboard with Trackball.
    Andrea Sound Max Noise Cancellation Mic
    Cirago BTA-6210 Micro BlueTooth Adapter.
    Stripped Down XP - 200 MB
    Centrafuse FrontEnd.

    Ice Specs.
    GroundZero GZRC16X Front Components
    GroundZero 12-XDAL 500 WRMS Sub.
    Ground Zero Titanium GZTA 4.120MK² Amp.
    Ground Zero Cabling Kit.


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      How is that creative sound card working out for you? I was thinking about buying one but wasn't sure if i should do it.
      ~The Build Process Begins~

      ~The Build Process Ends~


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        That's a sweet swift install - much sweeter than mine. Hopefully Mine will be finished on Saturday. (my worklog:

        How did you do the custom logo in Centrafuse?

        What screen are you using? Was it a custom fibre glass install or have you been able to buy a double DIN screen?


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          How did you do the custom logo in Centrafuse?

          I would like to know this too. I would love to put my own image in there. I know its probably in the skin folders but not sure where.
          ~The Build Process Begins~

          ~The Build Process Ends~


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            sorry for late reply guys.
            @Bxsteez. Creative Sound card is working fine. No hibernation issues with latest drivers.
            But Do not Buy this card. The problem is My mobo hangs before POST. 30-35 Seconds. it seems like USB is overdrawing the power. Rest Soundcard and output is Pretty good.
            I dont know weather it is a Intel Mobo Problem ? or SoundCard Problem ? anyone on forum have Creative USB card with other than INTEL Mobo ?
            For Logo check out this thread.

            @ Michael. In INDIA swift comes with double din. Only Fully loaded version in Petrol (ZXi) comes with stereo. I have Fully Loaded Diesel(Vdi). Installation was breeze. Just remove the Dashboard Panel. Put some 3M double side TAPE. and Put the screen. Fits Perfectly.


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              I just bought the sound card yesterday night and it seems to work fine with the gigabyte board. My post is still like 1sec. Of course now i have to worry about the speakers popping.. Cooler stuff more problems...
              ~The Build Process Begins~

              ~The Build Process Ends~


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                Originally posted by Bxsteez View Post
                I just bought the sound card yesterday night and it seems to work fine with the gigabyte board. My post is still like 1sec. Of course now i have to worry about the speakers popping.. Cooler stuff more problems...
                Great news. so its Intel mobo. Now have to hunt for new non Intel Atom Board. Which mobo and proccy u using ?
                Next few stuffs that i am ordering.
                PureAudio USB-SA External Digital Sound Card

                3 PIN Y Splitter/Converter
                I need this Y cable to connect 2 cooling fans. coz MOBO has only 1 connector.

                Rocker Switch Blue LED
                Will install this manual ON/OFF switch for short distance driving. Mostly Nr. the Fog Lamp Swicth.

                btw. Download the beta Drivers from creative site. it works better than old drivers.


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                  I'm using gigabyte's new minitx motherboard. It uses the p socket core 2 duo and i'm using a T7100. If i could ever recommend a motherboard it would be this one. The post is amazingly fast. It was a little tricky to get xp installed but using nlite it didn't take too long.

                  How are you handling the pop from the amp?
                  ~The Build Process Begins~

                  ~The Build Process Ends~


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                    Yet to get the Relay. Thump sound is pretty annoying.
                    btw. I am looking for Atom Proccy. I dont require C2D in car.


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                      Well. Today i got the rest of the stuffs from crazypc(Fans, Y-Cables , Rocker Switch).
                      Now. Rocker Switch is not turning on my Mobo and PSU. I have connected the both + and - wire properly to Swicth as instructed here.
                      Rocker Switch Blue LED: CrazyPC Computers
                      I can see the Blue LED glowing.So connection is perfect. but it is not turning on my PSU and MOBO.

                      I am thinking to put this Rocker switch in one of the blank switch near A/C Fan control as you can see in the pic.

                      Now the Andrea Noise Crenelation Mic part.
                      Mic is just working perfectly with my PC and LAPTOP. but not with my carputer.
                      Problem is 2 USB Sound Cards in CentraFuse. Running CF with 2 Sound Card eats up my single core Atom. I get choppy sound from Remote caller.
                      Solution: Upgrade to DUAL CORE ATOM and Remove Creative X-FI USB 5.1 Card.

                      But overall Mic is just great. Noise Cancellation works pretty well.

                      I have also installed the 2 Rexus High CFM Fans. and Speed Fan reports 34C Ambient Temp. which is better than my previous reading. (48C).


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                        Got my ION yesterday.
                        Just installed Win7 on it. and resume timing is better than XP. No more waiting at POST. that was happening on Intel Board with USB X-Fi

                        Here are the Pics.

                        Driver CD, Cables and Manuals.

                        Installed it in car-pc case.


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                          how is the ion board working out? have you tried dual display?


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                            ION is pretty fast with corsair XMS2 800 Mhz. Resume and hibernate timing does improved now.
                            No i haven't tried dual display as i don't have 2 lcd setup in my car.