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  • just starting out

    After almost finishing another sound install for my Ford SportKa I really want to get a PC shoved in it.

    I have an old Asus bare bone laying around; it's an Asus Pundit P2-AE2. I've had the computer open many times and I know for a fact there is no 20/24 power connector in there as it's one of Asus' special motherboards.

    I am simply dumbfounded in trying to figure this out? I don't know what the supply voltage into the machine is - I assume it will be 12v and I might need to solder onto the power contacts. However this doesn't allow me to use one of the fancy car PSU's that lets me turn the machine on with the ignition.

    Can someone pleeease clear things up for me? If anyone's near-by a slap would be appreciated.

    ta, Andrew