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    Hello All,

    I'm currently in search of a 9 or 10 inch widescreen monitor for my upcoming carputer (all components are here, just no LCD).

    Unforunatly, it seems that Short-Circuit is out of stock on their 9.2" LCD Touchscreen

    I have made several searches on ebay, and froogle but all im coming up with is monitors with resolution of 480 x 234.

    I'm curious whether I'm missing any other stores that may carry a 9 or 10 inch monitor which a resolution higher then 480 x 234.

    This leads me to my second question. If im stuck with such a low resolution monitor, is this resolution even bearable? Will windows XP even support it?



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    I have purchased the Short Circuit 9.2" touch screen monitor. I'm not overly impressed (yet). The monitor over-scans the screen at the top regardless of the resolution I try. The mouse/pointer disappears beyond the top of the screen, which means that the occasional sub-window will be enough off-screen to cause inconvenient problems.

    I'm not even convinced the listed "800 x 480 pixels" is the actual native resolution. It looks "blurry" enough that it might be the same as the Pyle (which looks like the same monitor anyway).

    Anyone with a good idea to bring the top of the screen down? I've tried to adjust screen position/size using nVidia's control panel, but the monitor auto-adjusts to compensate. I tried 720 x 480, but the screen just rises leaving the bottom of the panel dark and the top still slightly too high. If anyone knows the front/back-porch and sync timing signals for this monitor, I could try a custom resolution configuration.