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2006 Infiniti G35 carputer woes...

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  • 2006 Infiniti G35 carputer woes...

    My original plan was just to get a nice aftermarket NAV system that would go into the dash where my stock Bose system is. However, from what I'm finding you HAVE to buy a replacement console bezel...and this can only be found in plastic...mine is brushed aluminum, very nice looking.

    So my next thought was just building a carputer where the LCD could just be mounted externally, or maybe in that cubby on the top. The one product I found that was apparently really great for this seems to be dead now.

    Is there any way I can make a spiffy carputer setup with a touchscreen LCD in this car WITHOUT cutting it all up? One drilling or one small cut hole is ok, but anything beyond that is just above my skill level and far too much effort.

    Any thoughts?

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    Have you checked ebay for their double din kits? I'm sure that will be your best bet to mount a 7" touchscreen. I'd check out to see what other people with your year model have done. I have an 04 and just bought the housing from here.


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      It's ok, I found everything I needed. I'm actually going to do a post on it, because I have had a really hard time piecing all this information together for my 2006.

      I found everything I needed at various sites, know exactly what a person DOES need, and how it looks. I didn't even know until I got the din-conversion that the finish piece had aluminum on the outside. I was just taking my chances. But it looks perfect, just like the original would look if it was made for double-din


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        Oh ok that sounds good. Have you decided where you're putting the pc? I'm going to shoot for the upper cubby spot above the glove box.


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          Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was thinking this was the 6mt forum when you replied. I'm actually not doing a car computer now, I just purchased a Pioneer AVIC-F900BT instead. Of course, I still have the option later I guess to add a carputer to that setup. Though I'd have to use composite video or something which would be less than impressive :P