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Powering SATA with a DC-DC PSU

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  • Powering SATA with a DC-DC PSU

    Hi guys!

    I'm just in the planning stage of my carputer, and there's something I want to get cleared up early. As we all know, desktop PSUs have different types of connectors for different things. I'd like to know what connectors are available on a typical DC-DC PSU. Specifically, I want to power 3 SATA devices (1 boot SSD, 1 storage HDD, and 1 DVD). I'm going for SATA because it's faster than IDE and because I read somewhere that it has lower power reqs. The SSD is for an ultra-fast boot.

    I can't find any mention of drive connectors in the tech specs from the mp3car store, and searching the forums didn't find me anything useful.

    The funny thing is, the pic of the DC-DC PSU in the store doesn't show any wires whatsoever, so maybe you just connect the wires to it that you need (similar to some newer desktop PSUs), or maybe DC-DC PSUs are a completely different animal and I just don't understand them.

    At any rate, any assistance in this would be much appreciated.

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    If your considering an OPUS 320, it comes with 3 IDE Molex connectors and a floppy connector...
    Careful of your drive selection, as some SATA drive only have the SATA power connection, not the Molex...
    Also, SSD aren't that much faster at booting...certainly when you factor in their cost.
    We all hibernate around here anyways!


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      I didn't even consider buying Drives that have the molex connector, but if the PSUs don't have SATA connectors, so be it. Are those specifics somewhere in the online store and I'm just missing them, or should I just Google the models?

      As for the SSD, a 32GB is only $70. I agree that hibernating would be ideal, but I'm not sure how long that'll last with the engine off or what that would do to battery life. That's probably something that I'll have to spend some time researching.

      Thanks for the response!


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        Ok, I've found the manuals in PDF form for the PSUs in the store. That should help.

        Does anyone know of any DC-DC PSUs that have SATA power connectors?


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          You could get Molex-to-SATA adapters...


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            the M2-ATX has 1 Molex and 1 SATA power.


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              Originally posted by WuNgUn View Post
              You could get Molex-to-SATA adapters...
              Classy. Thanks for the tip.