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Is it possible to replace factory screen with touch?

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  • Is it possible to replace factory screen with touch?

    Is it possible to replace the internal monitor of my car with a touchscreen?
    I have a Volvo XC70, which already has a build-in screen (it comes out of the dashboard).
    The only problem is that this isn't a touchscreen... Anyone tried this before?
    Thanks for your help!

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    I doubt you can because of sevrial reasons. the hookup for the non touchscreen most likely isnt VGA or DVI or any other input, its most likely hard wired right into the mobo. the mobo prolly doesnt have a drivers list. so even if you could the unit might not even recognize it. and you would have to run an inverer for your new touchscreen to get power because most touchscreens require 12v or DC power. not to mention the software coded for the device most likely isnt written for touchscreen or input funtions. so you wouldnt even be able to use it. you might as well run a carputer