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mono amp, 4 channel amp, epicenter, equalizer help!

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  • mono amp, 4 channel amp, epicenter, equalizer help!

    Ok guys, I have been looking for info on how to install a hifonics mono amp, a 4 channel amp, an epicenter, and an equalizer. At the moment I have not found a plan I would follow for the install and that is why I need help.

    As of now I only have the hifonics bxi1606d amp and soundstream bx-15 epicenter installed to 2 kicker s12L7's. They are on the factory 2002 Chevy Avalanche head unit so I have a module in there for the RCA outputs.

    I would like to keep the factory head unit because it just looks cleaner and does not call much attention.

    So this goes out for those who really know audio and can help me.
    How would I add the 4 channel amp and the DHD 7 band equalizer while keeping the stock head unit?

    Thanks for any help.

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    So there is no PC? You do know this is a PC based forum? Anyways, it depends on what the headunit has.... So your basically boosting power to the speakers, because the amp in the HU is weak? Then what you want to do is connect from the HU left speaker wire then connect to the high port on the amp. Do this with all the rest also. Sub would be from the sub connection to the rca sub connection on the amp. The EQ, I have no idea, because I use a PC, all the EQ is apart of it.
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