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Sound outputs question and LCD question

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  • Sound outputs question and LCD question

    I am new to the car pc world, however have built several computers, with that said I have a 6 channel amplifier
    I want to be able to connect the outputs of the pc to this amplifier so the question is do I need an additional sound card to do this or do the mini ITX motherboards support Front, Rear and Subwoofer outputs, and if so which motherboard should I buy?

    The other question I have is, I am trying to determine which LCD touchscreen to buy, I have a Pontiac GTO that has a double din spot but I want to be able to have the LCD and slim slot load DVD drive visible. I have been looking at all the options on but it is hard to tell from their pictures if the frames or the indash cases would fit both the LCD and the DVD drive.

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    Most all 5.1 PC audio solutions will work for you...
    Typically, the sub and center channels are both mono, so the sound card usually pairs this up on a single jack...
    F/R will have their own stereo jacks...
    If your into SQ, you will want something better than onboard sound...
    Also, be aware of the software being used...your input will likely only be 2 channel (your not making a full, 5.1 setup in the car are you?), so the software has to be able to output that to all your channels.
    Or you could go the CONSOLE or AudioMulch route and take CONTROL of your audio!